Andrea Mantell Seidel_Isadora Duncan in the 21st Century_McFarland 2015

Andrea Mantell Seidel

Artistic Director of the Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble, Miami USA

    Directrice Artistique de la Compagnie Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble, Andrea Mantell Seidel est l'auteure du livre "Isadora Duncan in the 21st Century", édition Mc Farland 2015. Andrea Seidel vient de clore une carrière de 24 ans comme professeure de Danse et conférencière à l’Université de Floride, USA. Avant de se consacrer à la transmission de la Danse d’Isadora Duncan, Andrea Mantell Seidel était élève et membre de la compagnie d'Eleanor King Humphrey-Weidman Dance Company qui parcourait le monde avec le répertoire de Doris Humphrey.


Andrea Mantell - Seidel dans Ave Maria 2002


  It may seem a stretch to describe an ensemble devoted to performing a repertoire a hundred years old now as avant-garde, but the vision of Isadora Duncan is still eminently cutting edge. Thanks to Andrea Seidel, a fourth generation Duncan dancer, and her inspirational company of fifth generation dancers, Miami’s the place to be to view authentic performances of Duncan’s work.

Voted Best Small Dance Company, Miami BeachSun Post, 2001, 2002,2003


 Bambi Anderson was mesmerizing as the clawing, tortured soul in Furies, as was the entire company in the simply constructed Dubinushka and Warshavianka—an ode to the indomitable power of the human spirit—which remains spine-tingling.

The Miami Herald, 2002


 …the troupe…upheld Duncan’s philosophy by lovingly reconstructing her work.  The performers’ commitment turned that heritage into a vital presence….They managed to bolster an ambition that—with sweat on the brow and a rhapsody in the heart—humanity can march toward a brighter horizon.

South Florida Sun Sentinel, 2002




the pleasures of watching Isadora Duncan’s choreography are luscious ones, especially as done by Miami’s Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble…the young troupe danced with a fullness and commitment that filled these pieces with sensuality of the purest sort.

The Miami Herald, 1998


…the Ensemble captured the true classical Greek essence of Duncan’s choreography.

 TampaTimes, 1996


Incandescent, beautifully trained, young dancers…They embodied Isadora’s vision of innocence, but at the same time, they had been coached to move with immense integrity

The Miami Herald, 1996


Ensemble Director Andrea Mantell-Seidel’s performance in “Mother” demonstrated why she remains one of the best Duncan-style dancers. Watching her was like watching the history of dance unfold. 

Tampa Tribune, 1996


…a labor of love for Mantell-Seidel…They are a winsome, fresh faced lot with notable expansiveness of the upper body…the dancer’s buoyancy and velvety use of their shoulders and arms was especially apparent in the early Duncan works…

The Washington Post, 1996


I certainly would recommend this company to any presenter looking for an enchanting performance of authentic Isadora Duncan.

Jenneth Webster, New York Lincoln Center Festival Out-of-Doors, 1995


The Miami-based Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble delighted us with beautifully crafted renditions of Duncan’s 90 year-old studies to waltzes and nocturnes by Schubert, Chopin, and Strauss.  

The Village Voice, 1995


…Mesmerized the eye and enchanted the heart in Andrea Seidel’s love lavished settings of works by Isadora Duncan. 

The Miami Herald, 1992


Dancers in this trailor:


Andrea Mantell Seidel


Bambi Anderson


Stephanie Bastos

Maribel Gonzalez Brito

Michelle Kickasola






Andrea Mantell Seidel


Nijurka Anaya

Stephanie Bastos

Delasie Browne

Tatiana Castro

Maribel Gonzalez 

Nikki Rollason

Michelle Vazquez Kickasola 

Tamara Welch